Sugar Momma and owner, Candice Kelly, has characterized an ambiguous relaxed sense of style that has creatively bought into line an unequivocal allure and voguish charm to introduce to you The 4th Course. With a dessert theme in mind, The 4th Course was founded in the early summer of 2017 to allow the plus size consumer to indulge in the playful luxury of fashion with edge. Candice's styling concept produce a range of casual sporty looks and chic basal likeness that are often pulled together by bold statement jewelry pieces. Made up of the finest, handpicked ingredients and decadent style combinations, The 4th Course has raised the bar for +size fashion and its traditional offerings by continuously introducing styles that are unexpected.   The 4th course continues to develop and present to you innovative, chic and trendy options while maintaining our sincerity to what we value most in fashion, fun and comfort.

How to Shop

Cake and Icing 

The 4th Course's Cake can be described as sporty, ethereal, and functional.  Echoing Candice's personal style, Cake embraces mute and earth tones, while masterfully incorporating black for styles to be worn all year round.  Where there's Cake you may find Icing!  The 4th Course's Icing are the finishing accessory pieces that will truly set your style apart.  Our popular β€˜Body Icing Collection’ features handmade body jewelry designed specifically for the curved figure.