Cake Care

To avoid tangles or tarnishing, please store your Icing in a clean, dry space avoiding direct sunlight.  Applying tarnish removers or jewelry cleaners are not recommended, we suggest cleaning your pieces gently with only warm water and drying with a soft cloth thoroughly.  Please avoid direct/prolonged contact with chlorine, perfumes, lotions, or any chemicals.  

Plating on item(s) may fade & tarnish with normal wear over time.  

Because Cake - Icing is handmade, oversights may occur.  In some instances, Cake - Icing Accessories may be eligible for an exchange, however the piece  must be sent back in its original packaging within 5 business days of purchase for replacement only.

Please complete the contact form provided  below with the following subject line: CAKE | Order # (XXXXX) detailing reason for exchange.


CAKE - Icing Exchange Form

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